About Us

Carissa Pettit
Carissa started Will & Trust Boutique in 2016 with her friend and former co-worker, Jaime Stewart-Mckinley.
They have both always had a passion for the latest trends and shopping was always something they did together for fun.  Carissa writes a blog that correlates to Will & Trust called Fashion Caffeine and she also sets up props for their models photo shoots. Carissa and Jaime split up the social media content that you see on Facebook and Instagram. In her free time she is quite literally running around various places in her hometown and around the country.  She is one of those crazy health nuts who runs long distances and works out for fun.  However, she will never say no to dessert!
Jaime Stewart-McKinley

Jaime and Carissa founded Will and Trust Boutique in 2016 after a shopping trip gone bad. Together they realized the lack of availability of trendy, transitional fashion.
Outside of Will and Trust Boutique Jaime is married with 3 children, 1 teenager and twin toddlers.  She has grown to appreciate the need to be able to throw together a trendy outfit for work and it easily transition for a fun dinner out or after school activities with her monsters.  In her free time she often goes running to burn as many calories as possible. This isn’t to stay physically fit, it is so she can add Martinis to dinner…….because she has 3 kids.